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Who needs an exotic getaway to Antarctica when you can simply open your font door?! Bitter winds, blizzard-like conditions and subzero temperatures did not deter The GFs from their winter mission to NYC. The city was in near lockdown- but for us it was positively balmy.

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George Perris and Girlfriend Shelley

We attended a George Perris concert at Lincoln center. The evening was produced by The Horatio Alger Association and sponsored by Forbes Magazine. George was once a scholarship winner and is now committed to giving back to other deserving kids. Our Girlfriend Shelley is a lifetime partner with Horatio Alger, and has been asked to perform with George in August! Forbes is also committed to connecting women of all ages around the world!

Want to learn more about The Horatio Alger Association? Go to:

good reads

At the Mother Ship Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. Books and fashion, two of our favorite things! 


An extraordinary dress, I call it lady armor! Only $21,000

Facing our fears. Whitney has been putting off registering for a stand up comedy writing workshop – but spending time with the GFs always bolsters her confidence. How are your New Year’s resolutions going?

two girlfriends

Two of our favorite Girlfriends prepping for the Superbowl! Pretty sure they decided to just order in…

Don’t miss next weeks Super Bowl commercial show!

Wishing you infinite joy,

The Girlfriends

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