The Girlfriends

Meet Us

The Girlfriends… inexhaustible women, standing at life’s crossroads. The Girlfriends infuse experience, energy and humor into the free spirit of individuality because the dynamics of wisdom and their strength of friendship motivates them to stay young at heart and boldly express their own voice.

  • Shauna Montgomery

    Shauna Montgomery

    Shauna has a knack for changing the air in any room she walks into. Direct, energetic and optimistic, she is the life of any event she graces or produces. This is a woman who knows how to get any job done with panache. She is the wife of a top trial litigator and mother of two beautiful children.

    Shauna, an avid fitness fanatic, manages to balances it all. Somewhat of a conundrum, she’s an earthy and irreverent working girl trapped in the body of a Princess.
  • Whitney Lasky

    Whitney Lasky

    Whitney is a force to be reckoned with, intrepid, pragmatic, smart as a whip and the owner of a keen analytical mind, this is one striking blonde who likes to be in charge. Trained in theater and successful as an actress, writer and producer, she brings her bold talents to everything she does.

    Whitney is the mother of two adoring sons, whom she cherishes deeply. Not afraid to be heard in a crowd, she is every performers favorite audience member. Whitney is a survivor who has worked hard to get where she is, and isn’t afraid to “tell it like it is.”
  • Shelley MacArthur

    Shelley MacArthur

    Shelley is not only the wife of a successful entrepreneurial husband and mother to three wonderful sons, but a fit and hard-working woman who balances her big home life with a fulfilling career singing both jazz and classical music.

    Whether your troubles are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, it is Shelley who will advise you as to which remedy is right for you… and why. Though she practices these forms of medicine without benefit of license or training, her homespun therapies are often right on the mark.

    Shelley is the final proof that not only is beauty and brains not mutually exclusive, but they can also reside in a deep and soulful being. Shelley’s continued pursuit of all things spiritual brings her almost as much joy as singing the perfect high C.