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Hey Girlfriends, this is an absolute “must listen to” show! Our guest this week is Jim Karas. Jim has been a best friend of ours for years. He has been a mentor, life coach and fitness advisor to us and has helped us get out of many a pickle. He has just written his fifth New York Times best selling book, The Ultimate Diet Revolution. The book explains your metabolism make over, has great recipes and can help you loss up to 14 pounds in 28 days. Girlfriends, we know, we did it!

We chatted about weight loss, gaining more energy, reducing levels of stress etc. You may have seen Jim on The Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America, The View and Windy City Live. He has been the celebrity fitness guru for years to Hugh Jackman, and we know what great shape he is in! He has helped Diane Sawyer drop 20 pounds and Oprah’s, BFF, Gayle King get her butt in gear.

So get your groove on and listen to Jim’s wealth of information on what to do to be the better you!

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