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Chicago Snowpocalypse

Greetings from CHIberia!

Each New Year, The Girlfriends have a long standing tradition of doing naked snow (sand or grass) angels and writing down then burning our resolutions. This year was no exception. The idea of doing something completely out of character may sound like a crazy way to ring in the new year – but for us it is always a reminder to keep current, try new things, and keep yourself grounded.

Resolutions for 2014

1. Perpetual resolve to lose weight. Fortunately ZRII launched a new Omega 3 detox oil. We absolutely love this product. I even use it with Dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar and a dash of honey on salad! It’s lemony, smells fresh and tastes delish.

2. Stay in the moment/be present. Difficult as it may be- unplug. It’s amazing how challenging not checking your smart phone while watching your child’s basketball game can be.

3. Watch less television, give meditation a try. There are some great free apps that are GF approved to help you practice this ancient art of connecting to self. When your in a situation where you find your mind drifting – check in. Look around, ask yourself, “what is beautiful about where I am right here right now?” Focus on finding something beautiful around you. Be specific, why do you find that particular element beautiful? Express gratitude for what you find. It is a real eye opener when you realize how being present lowers your stress level.

January is the perfect month to catch up on movies, organize your closets, and check out sales on bedding and winter jackets! The cold weather vortex here in Chicago forces everyone to slow down.

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